The Organ

JS Bach: Organworks

Picture of CD cover played by James Johnstone on the Mller Organ of the Waalse Kerk, Amsterdam.

James Johnstone's comprehensive stylistic survey of works by J S Bach has a Trio Sonata, BWV 529, several Choral preludes and his Pastorella, BWV590, sandwiched between Prelude and Fugue's in G, BWV 541, and E minor, BWV 548,'the Wedge'. Here you will find playing of virtuoso stature with fast tempi that may prove too much for some but for me I find the technical facility of Johnstone more than allows the work to reach depths with a clarity that is quite remarkable.

The Mller Organ is simply a wonderful instrument to listen to and Johnstone explores a colourful palette with engaging mixes that really bring the music to life. Even if you prefer your Bach on the slower side I ought to encourage you to think about adding this budget priced CD to your collection, if only for the sound of the organ, but it is difficult and unfair to leave Johnstone's brilliant, fast, yet controlled, performances out of the equation. DA