The Organ


Hans Uwe Hielscher on the organ of the Martkirche, Wiesbaden.
RFO ORG 70207 2

I must admit to knowing nothing of Gerard Bunk's music until now - which is a pity for I find it pleasant and what a former teacher of mine called 'listenable'. Three main works appear on this disc played superbly by Hans Hielsher - another new name to me - The Introduction, variations and Fugue in D minor, Op 31; Characteristic pieces, Op 54 and Passacaglia in A minor, Op 40.

Full, fiery and difficult, the theme and variations give way to a fine final fugue so reminiscent of earlier German composers and show how steeped in native music Gerard Bunk must have been. This feeling is carried on to the eight Characteristic pieces. Melodie, Scherzando, Impromptu, Improvisation, Pastorale, Aeolshart, Canzone and Allelujah - all delightful short pieces each featuring some of the different chorus-work and solo stops of this large four-manual organ. The concluding Passacaglia in A minor is a major work building to a wonderful climax. It is a disc I shall listen to again and again for there is still much beauty to be discovered in Bunk's works and I await the second disc in this series. RFB