The Organ

Paul Derrett: The Organs of Southwell Minister

77' 25"

Interestingly, the organist of Southwell Minster, Paul Hale, and the recitalist on this CD, Paul Derrett, were both trained as organ builders and here is a CD where the expertise of both shines brightly.

Paul Hale has ensured that the two organs of Southwell Minister - the Binns Nave organ and the more recent Nicholson organ on the Screen - complement one another in a building possessing a complex acoustic.

Paul Derrett, on the other had, searches the vast organ repertoire and succeeds in discovering rarely performed works of enormous merit, his performances invariably demonstrating a complete harmony between composer, organist and organ.

No need for me to indicate each composition by name; you are bound to enjoy listening to works by Robert Ashfield, Andr Fleury, Freda Swain, William H. Harris, Robert Schumann, Seth Bingham and Paul Hindemith - all in masterly performance, all utterly convincing. Do pay a visit to Southwell Minster and hear these organs for yourself - you won't be disappointed. DRC