The Organ


Norbert Dchtel, playing historic organs in Vambach, Regen, Schambach and Hellring
IFO 00 108

Norbert Duchtel has chosen music from 18th century Germany for this recording played on four fairly small restored 18th century instruments. Johann Eberlin apart, the names of Grotz, Kobrich, Grnberger and Knigsperger are hardly well known. Much of the music is in the style galant. Grotz's Praeludia and extracts from the Vornbacher Orgelbuch open the disc- well played and registered with variety in mind. I liked Eberlin's Toccata septima and the First Organ Mass of Grnberger, which comprises six short and contrasting movements. The short pieces by Konigsperger are very good: Arias, Praeludia and Fugues are included. The organs are well recorded and engage the listener, especially those in Schambach and Hellring. The booklet is comprehensive with photos of the instruments, specifications, registrations, and extensive programme notes. This disc is worth hearing.