The Organ


Jan Lehtola and Markku Mkinen at the organ of Laupa Cathedral

A beguiling and unique sound world is opened up via the medium of the organ duet, and it's a shame that the repertoire for two players is relatively small compared with the numerous pieces for piano duet. On this CD, in addition to solo works by Alain and Hakim, we hear duets by Hakim, Langlais and Litaize, and they take full advantage of the possibilities offered by four hands and four feet. Sometimes this can mean that the texture is arguably too busy and it will take many repeated listenings to fully appreciate all the harmony and polyphony. However, at its best this CD offers some of the most beautiful and sensuous organ music you'll ever hear.

Lehtola and Mkinen's performances are very fine, and it's also good to hear the 4-manual, 86-stop organ of Laupa Cathedral - the largest instrument in Finland. An enjoyable CD, and I'd be happy to hear another disc of organ duets from this team.