The Organ


Catherine Ennis at the Klais Organ of Mnster Cathedral
IFO 00 072

Catherine Ennis presents an attractive programme of English music with the Elgar Sonata in G as the centrepiece. The disc opens with a stirring rendition of Cocker's famous Tuba Tune - the Klais organ gained a Tuba episcopalis at 16, 8 and 4 foot pitches in 2002 as part of a new auxiliary division, which is located in the north tower. The organ dates from 1957, was moved to a new nave position 30 years later, and was cleaned in 2002. A small number of tonal changes were made at this time.

Several key organ composers from the period are represented. Howells' Psalm Prelude Set 1 No 1 (with some dramatic dynamic changes); Vaughan Williams' much loved Prelude on Rhosymedre; Bridge's Adagio in E (another dynamic performance); three Chorale Preludes by Parry, showing off some of the organ's quieter colours in Martyrdom and Eventide; Ireland's The Holy Boy and Fletcher's Festival Toccata complete the programme. The organ sounds well, particularly in quieter contexts, and is helped by a very generous reverberation time (8 seconds audible). The booklet is lengthy with texts in English, German and French on the music, period, organ, and performer. Unfortunately some of the translations are unidiomatic. A full specification is also given.