The Organ

MAN I SING Choral Music by Bob Chilcott

Choral Music by Bob Chilcott
BBC Singers (Simone Rebello (percussion) Paul Silverthorne (viola))
Bob Chilcott (conductor)
Signum Classics SIGCD100 61m19s

Just a cursory look at the performers gives one a reassurance that standards will be high. The BBC Singers are in their usual vital form giving completely assured and enjoyable performances, proving to be the perfect executants of Chilcott's music. (Sometimes this group can be a little unrelenting in their fortissimos, due largely I think, to the sheer power of the voices, and this is certainly true here.) This is an excellent introduction to Chilcott's music for anyone who has yet to hear any (is there anybody who hasn't?), as I feel it contains his more difficult and, to my mind, better music. (Sometimes the restriction of writing for a particular group, commission or occasion can restrict, or affect, artistic absolutes.) To pick out a favourite is difficult, but I particularly enjoyed the Advent Antiphons and Simple Pictures of Tomorrow. Strongly recommended. AR