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Alan Gibbs: Wings of Faith - Two Hymn Preludes

Alan Gibbs: Wings of Faith - Two Hymn Preludes. Bardic Edition BD 0830

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The first Prelude, 'Come Holy Ghost', is based on the Mechlin version of the plainchant 'Veni Creator'. One becomes increasingly aware of this beautiful melody during the opening crescendo; here Gibbs combines the flowing contours of the plainchant with a robust triple metre most convincingly. The contrapuntal textures, subtle syncopations, and well-planned scheme of modulation provide uplifting music which is pleasurable to play. The high tessitura of the second section (melody stated at the top of pedalboard, though it may be played lower on a 2' stop) is most effective. The second Prelude is based on the tune 'All Saints'. Again, deftly written, flowing textures provide an exciting piece to play. The motivic nature of Gibbs's music is clearly seen in the use of several ostinato-like shapes and rhythms in five-eight metre. The Preludes may be played separately or, as the composer points out, as a pair to highlight thematic relationships and similarities in treatment.