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Benoît Mernier: Cinq Inventions

Benoît Mernier: Cinq Inventions. Gérard Billadout; available through United Music Publishers


The Cinq Inventions were conceived with the sound of a Gottfried Silbermann organ in mind and as such there are clear indications in the score on registration and (French) remarks about execution and registration. Each of these five Inventions was written for a different dedicatee. They are not for the musically naïve; the harmonic language is fairly complex and sometimes written on as many as five lines. They certainly require considerable dexterity in both hands and feet and, most importantly, rhythmically. Nicely printed and presented. The Cinq Inventions have been recorded by the composer on the Grenzing organ of Brussels cathedral and is available on Cyprès CYP4612.