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Georg Muffat and Wolfgang Ebner: Complete works for Keyboard (organ)

Georg Muffat and Wolfgang Ebner: Complete works for Keyboard (organ). First Edition; edited by Siegbert Rampe. Bärenreiter Urtext


This is the first of two projected volumes of a new Urtext edition to unite all the keyboard works of Muffat and Ebner. It contains previously unpublished Muffat works found in Codex XIV 743 from the Minorite Abbey in Vienna as well as three harpsichord pieces from Apparatus Musico-Organisticus which have already appeared in print. Volume I contains a critical report and detailed preface in both English and German with sections on the source material, editorial method, performance practice and ornamentation as well as discussion of each work. These are, in the best Bärenreiter tradition, excellent and informative. A number of facsimiles are also included for good measure. Under each composer a number of works of uncertain authenticity are included, almost the same number as with certain authenticity in the case of Ebner, but with sound reasons for inclusion. As can be expected the quality of presentation is first class.