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Miguel Pérez: Cinco Danzucas Populares

Miguel Pérez: Cinco Danzucas Populares. Fagus Music


Miguel Pérez is a young Iberian composer with a wide range of works already to his credit. These five popular dances were composed in 1997. They have tremendous rhythmic vitality and, while capable of being performed separately, make an exciting suite lasting some 14 minutes in all. There are certainly thematic links between the various movements and the opening motif of the first dance reappears triumphantly in the final one. The third and fourth dances are more contemplative in style, and one is in waltz time. The music is moderately dissonant in approach, but with clear textures and a distinctive voice. The music is moderately demanding and could be performed by a player of ARCO standard or above. I recommend this collection as something 'that bit different' for both service and recital purposes.