The Organ

Louis Vierne: Complete Organ Works

Louis Vierne: Complete Organ Works; edited by Jon Laukvik and David Sanger. 13 vols. Carus-Verlag, CV 18.150


It is more than 70 years since Louise Vierne's death. This boxed set of 13 volumes is a fitting tribute to the great organist and composer and his major output for the organ. Great care has been taken by the editors to ensure an accurate text, with detailed study of the first editions, the composer's manuscripts (where they survive) and lists of corrections from his colleagues, pupils and present day interpreters of Vierne's music. The result is a wonderful Gesamtausgabe that deserves to be on library shelves and those of practitioners. The first six volumes are given over to the Symphonies, volumes 7-10 to the Pièces de Fantasie and the Suites, volumes 11-12 to the Pièces en Style Libre and the final volume to smaller works, improvisations and transcriptions. There is a thorough and scholarly critical commentary in each volume. The editors and publishers are to be congratulated on a wonderful achievement and – at the price – a very good value for money.