The Organ

The Dben organ of Stockholm's Tyske Kyrkan

This page accompanies the first Pipe Organs of Stockholm article by Alastair Disley in issue 331 (February 2005) of The Organ, and includes extra photographs and specially recorded sound samples of this organ. As it was not possible to include many photographs of the other organs featured in this article for space reasons, an additional webpage has been created here with lots of pictures of the organs and their buildings. That page include a picture of the other organ in the Tyska kyrkan.

The long and complex history of this instrument is described in the magazine, along with the specification. The organ is tuned in meantone, and includes split D-sharp/E-flat keys and a short bass octave, as can be seen in the photograph below.

The organ is played in the sound extracts below by Michael Dierks, organist at the German Church, pictured here at the console. Note the stops for the Rckpositieff behind the performer. The single-stop Brustwerck is hidden behind a hinged panel just above the music desk, and the stop control for this is visible near Michael's head.

Michael kindly agreed to record two musical examples on the organ to demonstrate its unique sound, specially for readers of The Organ. The instrument has not yet been commercially recorded, having only just been inaugurated when these recordings were made in June 2004. Both examples are in the key of C, which will also demonstrate that the instrument is tuned to A=467Hz, somewhat sharp of A=440Hz. Another thing to note is the historically accurate flexible wind, which is on 59mm pressure. Both examples are in mp3 format. The recording of quieter examples was thwarted by nearby construction workers. More specially made recordings will be available of another Stockholm organ later in the series.