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Exclusive Play Now Pay Later™ Scheme from Viscount Organs Wales

Chorum 40s Compact Organ

The vision at Viscount Organs Wales is to ensure that the ‘Viscount experi­ence’ is available to everyone in the current climate. They now have an affordable solution for everyone to provide an instrument for practice in the comfort of your own home.

?Play Now Pay Later™ provides a unique interest-free plan which totally avoids the full initial outlay for a new instrument. The company also offers this same plan for all churches and educational establishments. For instance, St Anne’s Church in Margate and Queen Anne’s School Caversham recently took advantage of this plan with Viscount.

Vicount Organ Wales’ most popular home practice organ, the Chorum 40S is in stock and available from as little £189.00 per month. Custom plans to meet your personal requirements are always available.

The plan cost is exactly the same as if you purchased outright. Visit or call 01792 721499 for more information.